Corporate Profile

“ TOP Q MASTER SDN.BHD.” has started operation as a Garments wear  venture known as “Q Master” under the aegis of the Group’s first concern – The Melamine products  in 2005. This project turned out to be a very successful one which had helped foster the growth of trust and confidence of the common people in “Bangladesh”. Driven by the ramifications of this success, “TOP Q MASTER SDN.BHD.”  geared up to invest in new fields, including manufacturing of other products and trading. More enterprises were established in the early 2006, covering diverse activities involving the production of tissue paper, steel, Furniture, Household utilities, Container, Ceramic, Steel, glass, Melamine, Stationary,Gents / Ladies Garments wear, Leather Bags, Shoes, trading company and among others. The group experienced this tremendous growth in a span of less than 10 years. Most of its projects have been success stories – this fact alone is enough to justify a sense of confidence in the Group’s future.

Mrs. Siti Aisah Binti Mohd. Salehuddin, is the CEO of “TOP Q MASTER SDN. BHD.” which is a celebrated corporate in the sphere of Malaysia trade, commerce & industry. TOP Q MASTER SDN. BHD.  manufactured products have earned extensive acceptability and acclaim both within the country and abroad.  At present, TOP Q MASTER SDN. BHD. has a lot of demand for its various products and has earned goodwill, not only in Malaysia, but in the different countries of the world. In this sphere of achievement, the supreme-soul of TOP Q MASTER SDN. BHD., Mrs. Siti Aisah Binti Mohd. Salehuddin’s merit, far-sightedness, strong will & sincerity were the main catalyst.

Different categories and starts production line in 2005. The factory sites are in company owned industrial parks of 300,000 sq meters including building area of 200,000 which is fully equipped with state of the art injection, Compressed & blow molding machines with a conversion capacity of over 4800 tons per month.

TOP Q MASTER SDN. BHD currently utilizes 3000 molds through 440 machines having a growth rate of 30% over last year backed by own tooling facilities in the factory premises. The growth story behind of this brand is expansion & availability of innovative & a‑fordable solution for household durables & utensils.

We are a very strong organization of 3577 members dedicated to manufacturing customized and quality house hold products  globally.